The Mind of Obama

What does Obama seek?

He wants unimpeded reach the last two years in office.

How does he achieve this?

He continues his failed ‘charm offensive’ beginning in Israel, hoping to win midterm elections.  My thoughts on this maneuver won’t inspire confidence from team Obama, but they should know that operating in a bubble makes them easier to defeat for it subjects them to revolutions they cannot anticipate.

Let me digress.

Nothing about team Obama nor the man himself justifies the confidence Democrats continue to exhibit.   We should remember that he was elected as post-partisan, post-racial President.  His persona and personal pledge to end the political and ideological polarization has floundered.

Now he continues to fail as he pivots toward a ‘charm offensive’ which is nothing more than damage control.  Let’s look at the failed policy initiatives:  sequestration, fiscal cliff, missile technology via Russia/Poland, Israel, unemployment, debt ceiling, budgets etc. . . .

His win in 2012 should have tempered his vision into acknowledging the limitations that constrained Romney.

He can’t, he won’t and so he should expect to be constrained every time he tries to advance.

My guess:  midterms will not look good for team Obama.  If that pans out, he and his team should expect mounting challenges that he will not be prepared to meet.

All to the detriment of The Union.

Damn the man!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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