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Vockler Slaps Buzz Ben

How ironic to finally possess evidence of the Reaganite sobriquet “trickle down economics” to excoriate the impact Federal Reserve policies have on weak growth, wealth/job creation.  Paul Vocklers recent admonition at the New York Economic Club is food for thought, … Continue reading

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An Emerging Threat Throughout Pan Africa-Arabia

The latest attacks on American Embassies throughout the world remind older readers of the very late 1970’s when U.S. embassies in Kabul, Tehran were overrun by Islamists while Cuba exported its militancy throughout west Africa and Central America. It was … Continue reading

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Presidential Abdication & The Imperatives of a Dominant Pax Americana

Never before in American history has any President subordinated the political imperatives underwriting American hegemony to the confines of personal ambition. Even Lyndon Johnson and Nixon implicitly understood the limits of an aggrandized self. Not with Barak Obama, we’re dealing … Continue reading

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The Balkans, A New Birth of Freedom & The Rise of Arab Militancy

Bismark, like any instrument of autocracy, embodied a harbinger of what was to unfold under the aegis of a resurgent Third Reich; but looking further back, this land and its memory of past afflictions of Empire, now welcomes an old … Continue reading

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Vladimir Lenin was Precocious

“Germany will militarize herself out of existence, England will expand herself out of existence, and America will spend herself out of existence.”

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What’s Behind The Entitlement Crisis

Demography as a discipline is resurging like geography, especially its traditional interdisciplinary emphasis as a fulcrum of politics, history and culture. Most people don’t study demography for the simple reason that its components are not measured or conformed to contemporary … Continue reading

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The Ignorant & Govmint

Nicole Gelinas has resided as an authority on macro-economic and fiscal matters for the better part of fifteen years, she currently resides as a Senior Contributing Editor to the Manhattan Institute’s “City Journal”‘ a publication that scrutinizes the fiscal health … Continue reading

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Inflation, Productivity & Wages

The last election cycle revealed a badly needed tutorial on macroeconomics, especially considering the social impact of digital technology on production, inflation and wages. Productivity increases (chiefly through implementing digital technology) allow for the intensification of the division of labor, … Continue reading

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The Collapse of State Budgets: The Rise of Succession, Federalism & Transforming Sovereignty

Throughout the entire western world we are witnessing the implosion of government. No longer are threats primarily extrinsic in nature. Mass is no longer the dominant component in lethality, we don’t need to expect invasions of multitudes; for the arrival … Continue reading

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Buzz Lightyear Meets Ben Bernanke

The single most significant aspect of The Federal Reserve’s meeting is the giant yawn it solicited as a response to its policy initiatives. No one cares anymore. The most frightening aspect of Ben Bernanke’s quantitative easing scheme to increase employment … Continue reading

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