Congressional Reform: Changing Culture

There are many politicos and talking heads that speak of political reform animating Congress. We here at the Lumaj Group think of the Congressional authorities like Dr. Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein at the illustrious American Enterprise Institute.

We should know that our Founders envisioned a very active Congressional caucus. Here at the Lumaj Group we think the following advances should be implemented to effect the needed cultural change required if the GOP is to have any meaningful political advances.

Steering committees not party leaders should select committee chairman and House members. This includes Rules, Administration, ‘Select’, and ‘Joint’ committees.

Party leaders should be prevented from dominating steering committees. As the Heritage Foundation revealed, this would eliminate the allotment of multiple steering committee slots permitting party rank and file Representatives to nominate and select controlling votes on each steering committee.

Term limits across the board for every committee. Period.

Cap the membership in each committee to 50 members. Why? Because this would avoid scenarios where certain committees wield disproportionate amount of influence over the House.

If the Reform wing of the GOP is serious, it will start with the above noted proposal.



About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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