Presidential Abdication & The Imperatives of a Dominant Pax Americana

Never before in American history has any President subordinated the political imperatives underwriting American hegemony to the confines of personal ambition. Even Lyndon Johnson and Nixon implicitly understood the limits of an aggrandized self.

Not with Barak Obama, we’re dealing with a far more dubious, less exalted grasp of both ambition and responsibility. We’re about to witness the conflagration of an overly weened political persona come unhinged from the impact that is realism. Does team Obama think he’ll be accommodated by rival ambitions throughout the Levant and Near East?

The challenge that unveiled itself throughout the Magrib, South Asia and Syria has been misread by entrenched politicos devoted to ideals unmoored from the expressions of power. Remember the time when America rose to challenges and shaped outcomes benefitting indigenous aspirations? Does the self determination of people resonate with American liberalism? A deficit of moral insight, of fortitude has gone missing. Can it be reclaimed?

I firmly believe that declarations of an American decline are premature and misplaced; American liberalism is in retreat as evidenced in its unwillingness to grapple with the political demands of leadership.

Elections have consequences.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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