Red Line On Iran

My own strategic thinking on an imminent pre-emptive attack by Israel on Iran was primarily shaped by the knowledge that Israel has leased several airfields from nations immediately north of Iran. But this reality did not take into account the strategic geopolitical insight Ehud Barack gave the current Israeli minister, an insight shaped within the cauldron of the last peace process, the one mediated by Clinton where the Israeli’s gave the West Bank, Gaza and most of Jerusalem, only to be met with violence.

The political insight that Bibi got was to never allow Israel’s patron to outflank her. By exposing Arafat, Ehud Barack also vanquished the political validity of both the American and Israeli dovish left. The Israeli prime minister learned how to both exposé the foolishness of the political left while strengthening bilateral relations between Jerusalem and Washington.

Where does this leave us?

Winston Churchill once remarked that you could trust the Americans to always do the right thing after everything else had been tried. We are perilously close to that now. Where to begin?

Let’s start with Iranian aggression.

April 1983, Hezbollah murders 17 Americans. We do nothing.
October 23, 1983 241 Marines murdered. We do nothing.
June 1985 Master Chief Robert Dean beaten to death aboard TWA flight 847. We do nothing.
June 1985, CIA station Chief in Beriut tortured to death by Hezbollah. We do nothing.
1988 Marine Col. William Higgins hanged by Hezbollah. We do nothing.
June 1996, 19 US Air Force personnel murdered by Hezbollah in the terrorist attack on Khobar Towers.
Thousands of US military personnel murdered by improvised explosive devices (IED) throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. We do nothing.
Thomas Sutherland and Terry Anderson held hostage for 14 months. All the while we do nothing.
Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer held hostage for over two years. We do nothing.
FBI Agent Robert Levinson held hostage since 2007, we do nothing.
Kian Tajbakhsh, Haleh Esfandiari and Roxana Saberi held for years, we do nothing.
US Consulate held hostage for over 443 days.

Do you see a pattern?

What we have here is unrequited war. Maybe we should return the favor.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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