The Loss, The Gain

It is more than a bit refreshing to witness the resiliency of American character immediately after the election. Citizens throughout New York and Connecticut went about tending to their responsibilities outside the hyper partisanship that dominates the life of politicos. A needed tonic to leaven the grip politics has on so much these days. Nevertheless, I think it imperative to briefly elaborate on Tuesdays roll call.

Recriminations aside, the Republican loss is a gift.

Whenever the GOP hits the wilderness it forges about strengthening its identity, the very lifeblood for any viable institution. It will be no different this time. My own belief is that the GOP will emerge far stronger in this interregnum than ever before.

The GOP is unaccustomed to playing the role of the loyal opposition, this will change as of 2012.

Team Lumaj will elaborate on this theme throughout 2013, but for now I sense two tectonic battles being waged: the difficult yet latent recognition that this failed election is a harbinger, the death rattle for the establishment GOP and an ascendant rise of an ever growing reform wing of the GOP.

Both Vaclav Havel and Alexander Solzhenitzyn spoke of it: the final battle for the soul of man will commence upon the altar of ideals and symbol within the political house of modernity. The battle for how the Enlightenment ends is on. Will America go the way of every previous Civilization? Is there away out from under the pall of exhaustion?

My bet is on Hayek, Haval, Solzhenitzyn.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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