Why Congress is Lame

The American Enterprise Institue has released a great book from two experts on Congress, titled “The Broken Branch”. It’s a short wonderful study that introduces the reader to how the pernicious impact of liberalism is changing our governing institutions into perilous Parlaments.

As every political reader knows, in conformity with the statesmanship of our Founders, Parlaments are highly unstable populist institutions. Given the death spiral of western European demography (Islamic demography is exploding), an entire Continent is available for usurpation. What failed in Granada, Tours, Vienna and Malta is now open for the taking!

If elections matter, how can this election be used to strengthen the institution of Congress. We here at the Lumaj Group think the following needs to be implemented:

1. Steering committe members themselves, not PARTY leadership should select committee chairs and membership. This would revolutionize the notion of Congressional authority more in line with the democratic ideals that animated the Founders vision of an active Congress. By eliminating how party leadership dominates, rank-and-file members have powerful controlling votes.

2. Impliment term limits to all committees, House and Party leadership including Speaker.

3. Limit the size of each committee to a 50 member maximum avoiding the concentration of influence.

Living in a decentralized digital world is analogous to the Republican vision that animated the Founders.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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