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William Holland now on Apple iTunes

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Asian Political Economies

Remember how Japan was supposed to eat our lunch? Remember how China was to take over the world? Guess what?  Both nations have hit the proverbial WALL.  China has completely exhausted itself and fears having to accommodate Western Capitalist mores … Continue reading

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Why Popes & their Managerial Style Matters

Everyone remembers the destitute attitude consuming the United States immediately before the election of Reagan in November of 1979.  For those too young to remember, it was the perfect embodiment of the ‘END’ of Western Civilization. Jimmy Carter became like … Continue reading

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The Supremes, Gay Marriage & Christian Orthodoxy

The created order is foundational for Christian Orthodoxy; its the ground from which revelation must be understood.  The Incarnation alone proves that God meets humankind on an equal footing. The philosophical achievement that became the Reformation, the Renaissance and the … Continue reading

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Kick Ass: the Sequel, Imperial Style

The interim Egyptian President has immediately declared good news, the Egyptians will have a new Constitution and new elections.   What can the West offer? Well, if we had a functioning Pentagon/Defense Dept. that didn’t act like an adult jobs … Continue reading

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Team Obama in a Funk?

President Obama is trying to ameliorate mounting cognitive dissonance.  He fled to Africa, and with him the entire press corps, all to effect of trying to change “The subject”.  This demonstrated both his fear and his unwillingness to confront mounting … Continue reading

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Morsi: Toast; Obama: Smoked!!

The dynamics of inept American statecraft were on display today, but you won’t hear it on the networks.  General Sisi, appointed by Morsi, gave him 48 hours to engage and settle what the Supreme Council interpreted as a fatal problem: … Continue reading

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French Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria: Francois Murad Martyred

Last Wednesday evening, after having being taken captive/kidnapped by Sunni terror squads in southern Syrian town of Gassanieh, Father Francois Murad was beheaded in front of children, martyred for his faith; his identity as Christian. We should note that the … Continue reading

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New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan Scandal

Media reports are surfacing after a judge released 6,000 pages of church documents related to archdiocesan communiques with Vatican superiors over bankruptcies related to punitive damages over abusive priests, portray a solicitous Cardinal Dolan dealing with  an inefficient, inept Vatican … Continue reading

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