New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan Scandal

Media reports are surfacing after a judge released 6,000 pages of church documents related to archdiocesan communiques with Vatican superiors over bankruptcies related to punitive damages over abusive priests, portray a solicitous Cardinal Dolan dealing with  an inefficient, inept Vatican Curia.  We should note that American media cannot be counted on to portray any Church official in an unbiased manner, even if they get the minutia right.

As the facts roll out on Dolan, we need to keep in mind that Cardinal Dolan continues to be a target of an ideological, sectarian agenda completely at odds with media’s putative relation to objective ‘standards of reporting.’  As Archbishop of Milwaukee, he was responsible for soliciting $57 million for a church related fund, monies that would be used as Milwaukee slid toward bankruptcy.  Only two other diocese filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. (Phoenix and Portland, Oregon.)

The goal is to besmirch the reputation of both the Church and its leadership!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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