Morsi: Toast; Obama: Smoked!!

The dynamics of inept American statecraft were on display today, but you won’t hear it on the networks.  General Sisi, appointed by Morsi, gave him 48 hours to engage and settle what the Supreme Council interpreted as a fatal problem:  public order!!  The logic here is worth recounting.  

General Sisi had to make good on his threat.  President Morsi never moved to constrain Sissi.

The real loser here is Obama, whose rhetoric asked the Egyptians to seek an end to autocracy, which they did!!  Obama also threatened Sisi that if he performed a coup, the U.S. would no longer financially underwrite assistance. 

WELL. . . . . GUESS WHAT!! 

Sisi called both bluffs and won.

Now its time for those at foggy bottom and turtle bay to find there balls and help usher in real reform for aspiring Egyptians.

Morsi and his Egyptian Brotherhood must be formally checked by the Supreme Council.  Remember, you either kill your enemy outright or fatally embarrass him; a wounded Morsi is dangerous!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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