Team Obama in a Funk?

President Obama is trying to ameliorate mounting cognitive dissonance.  He fled to Africa, and with him the entire press corps, all to effect of trying to change “The subject”.  This demonstrated both his fear and his unwillingness to confront mounting Congressional challenges.  His list of scandals is growing, and his internal White House polling data reveal mortally threatening challenges.  

So if you’re team Obama, what do you do?  You play the only strong hand you have.  You campaign on issues to the effect of identifying with the opposition, all without ever acknowledging so.  And you never actually betray the limits of your effectiveness. 

All of this was on display immediately after decamping from Africa.  

Obama smells trouble, and he thinks that IF he simply addresses mounting issues, he can deflect them away.  Anyone with any media credibility knows that the Congressional challenges facing team Obama are mortal.  He either masters them or he’ll be defeated.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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