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The Sons of Perdition vs. The Sons of Liberty

Ask anyone from the U.S. when the Second World War ended.  They always say 1947. Ask anyone from Poland when the Second World War ended.  They always say 1989. When the militant atheist Marxists throughout Russia asked how many divisions … Continue reading

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Smack Down @ Team Federal Reserve

We really shouldn’t believe for a moment that the affinity which compels most economists to join Keynesian “Kraft” in D.C. is benevolent leadership.  Keynes’ own Fabian beliefs notwithstanding, do we really need at this critical juncture in our Nations history, … Continue reading

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John Cochrane: the Omnipotent Federal Reserve

I’ve been indebted to Dr. Cochrane for decades.  Working out of the Hoover Institution, CATO Institute and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, he remains along with John Taylor, Allan Meltzer the finest minds understanding what’s gone awry … Continue reading

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The Roots of the Financial Crisis: First Housing, then Banking

The principal agents who run US Policy Metrics along with AEI in Washington D.C. have performed well in launching monographs to the great ‘unwashed’ who seek policy guidance on how the ‘Great Recession’ started. The entire mess began with Clinton. … Continue reading

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Pakistan ISI: Screws the U.S.

Looking for the most wanted man in Pakistan?  How about $10 Million bounty?  The founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan’s most wanted terror master Hafiz Saeed lead PRAYER in PUBLIC at the Gadhafi Stadium just outside Lahore last Friday. What does this … Continue reading

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An Islamic Vortex: Battle Against the West Commenced

How is studying the diplomatic and intelligence propaganda of the Soviets a prerequisite for defeating Islamic militancy? Any brief historical reading of Iran’s most recent communique to its exiled community reveals a deep Satanic cynicism identical to the rapacious murderous … Continue reading

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More Surprises: William Holland now on iHeart Radio

William Holland podcasts on international relations, political economy an other topics is now available on iHeart

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