An Islamic Vortex: Battle Against the West Commenced

How is studying the diplomatic and intelligence propaganda of the Soviets a prerequisite for defeating Islamic militancy?

Any brief historical reading of Iran’s most recent communique to its exiled community reveals a deep Satanic cynicism identical to the rapacious murderous desire that animated militant Marxism.

Hassan Rouhani’s recent admonition that such exiles return home has a precedent discerned in Solzhenitizen’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ where Stalin lovingly beseeched native exiled comrades to return home to rebuild their homelands.

The appeal was propaganda.

Upon arrival, most were executed, especially if they were class enemies (always a shifting category) or intellectuals.  Most were dumped deep inside the Arctic Circle and abandoned.

What does this portend for Hassan Rouhani?

This appeal is a vortex demonstrating how the Iranians wish to murder the naive amongst them FIRST!!

Don’t take my word for it, just look at what happened to Ramin Jahanbegloo (pronounced Jahan-beg-low) upon reaching the nortorious  Elvin prison.  What of the expatriates like Haleh Esfandiari (pronounced Es-Fan-dee-R-ee) who works at the Woodrow Wilson Center.  How about the journalist Manziar Bahari or businessman Ali Shakeri, urban planner Kian Tajbakhsh.  I cannot mention what happened to Zahra Kazemi or Hossein Derakhshan (Der-rock-shan).

Look to the dissidents and you’ll find all you’ll need to discern the contours of an appeal to slavery.

A totalitarian regime of Messianic proportions is rising in the East.  Does the West have the Statesman to defeat it?

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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