The Sons of Perdition vs. The Sons of Liberty

Ask anyone from the U.S. when the Second World War ended.  They always say 1947.

Ask anyone from Poland when the Second World War ended.  They always say 1989.

When the militant atheist Marxists throughout Russia asked how many divisions did the Pope have, they forgot to include the soft underbelly that became Poland in the Warsaw Pact, especially its impact on American lives as this Nation struggled with its deep international commitments abroad leading to Reagan.  Most hardly understand the crisis of world order that animated the near success that ‘Mother Russia’ nearly had as it sought  to peel off England from the Atlantic Alliance, inflame South Africa, initiate a genocidal campaign in Central America while strangling ‘Solidarity’ in its crib.

We don’t have to study the ancients to find our Marathon.  We had Reagan.

We also had William Clarke, who died last week at the age of 81.

If the sons of Perdition had Lenin, the Sons of Liberty had John Paul, Reagan, Kirkpatrick, and William Clarke.

Clarke saw the Cold War as a moral conflict which precluded any reconciliation.  Something Solzhenitsyn understood, even as he was marginalized.

Dare I even say it, Reagan taught him too.  Solzhenitsyn found time to open his mind to the political realities that unfurled with Leo Strauss, for he discovered the relation between Alexis Tocqueville’s Catholic sentiments and the need to tie liberty to equality.  Something no other Nation had ever done.  Before returning to Russia in 1991, Solzhenitsyn’s speech at Lichtenstein revealed a growth worthy of great comment.  Reagan taught him not to disparage the American Tradition of understanding our Union as a moral compact worthy of great reflection.

Clarke implicitly knew that to lock horns with ‘Mother Russia’ meant that American leaders must speak to the multitudes of how this Satanic foe LIES in its AGGRESSION, LIES in its SUBVERSION, its arms-control treaty commitments, its BLACKMAIL and GENOCIDAL aggression to subjugate.

To bring down the ‘Great Satan’ meant using all the tools and force of Statecraft:  moral, ideological, informational, technological, economic, diplomacy and military.  ALL INTEGRATED INTO A SYNOPTIC WHOLE.

Something our current Chief Executive would need to emulate as we enter a conflict with  Islam and its archaic posture toward the social tenants of modernity.

My guess is that we have more William Clarks today than ever before.  The Sons of Liberty won because of the embodied, demonstrated fortitude held in Christian reserve by those that made Team Reagan.

Rest in Peace!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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