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Power Resides in the Clergy: Iran & that ’70’s Show

The American left is about to get schooled in the fine art of power politics.  If Putin can run to both the ideological left & right of Obama, just wait until Iran gets traction on the American’s. Most academics who … Continue reading

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Failed Keynesian Kraft Explains Rising Inequality

When John B. Taylor from Stanford University wrote that the source for Americas income inequality remains weak growth, I found solace in at least acknowledging that some economists haven’t fallen for the mythic achievement that animates the convictions of progressive … Continue reading

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A Plurality of Monetary Regimes

Brace yourself to absorb an onslaught chiefly derived from dubious assumptions about the exalted social, political claims of monetary policy, specifically the single most significant political, cultural achievement since the American Founding:  a defunct Keynesian empire and the resurgence of … Continue reading

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Fixing the Japanese Economy

Having spent decades learning the political economies of Asia, I’ve always thought of Japan’s 25 year deflationary spiral and its attendant exotic monetary policies as proxies for exhausted political regimes. I still think so. Although they learned quickly at the … Continue reading

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Saving Your Child

The social, cognitive effects of a dominant use of digital technology have been studied for decades.  I am thinking of Eri Erikson’s admonition toward the end of his life when he studied the drastic psychological, social (humanist) effects of reduced … Continue reading

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