Power Resides in the Clergy: Iran & that ’70’s Show

The American left is about to get schooled in the fine art of power politics.  If Putin can run to both the ideological left & right of Obama, just wait until Iran gets traction on the American’s.

Most academics who harbor positions of power in this administration are just too naive to really be able to hurt the Mullah’s of Iran.  Real power has never truly resided in any office other than Clergy.  It’s a militant theocracy.  All other positions are used as either public ‘cut-out’s or front-runners’ for the Clergy.  To beguile the west, the Mullah’s continue to read with cunning accuracy the domestic and political mores of this Republic.

Outside the Clergy, ultimate power resides in the Revolutionary Guard Corps and in Ayatollah Khamenei.  Let’s not forget that as Head of Iran’s Nuclear Regime, Rouhani accelerated Iranian nuclear time table.  He’s not gonna give up the only bargaining chip that could underwrite a successful ‘break-out’.

As the WSJ has reported, “the likely reason why Iran is finally eager to answer Obama’s overtures is because they see an America in retreat and eager for a nuclear deal.”  This will split Israel off from its only strategic partner.  Watch the Mullah’s master team Obama’s ideological center as they run circles around the American’s.

How else to say it, Damascus has paid dividends.

Let’s not forget, as the Mullah’s begin to engage America, they have already encircled us in Central/South America, Iraq, ditto for Israel, Afghanistan, Gaza & Syria.

Our retreat from leadership will hit our shores long after team Obama is gone.

On display now for the world to discern openly are the strategic goals of the Iranian Mullah’s:  break out of diplomatic isolation lifting sanctions in exchange for a ‘PROMISE’.  Clearly the Swiss Interbank system is strangling the Mullah’s.

Even without testing or creating a nuclear device, the danger resides that Iran will possess the strategic advantage of public nuclear ‘break-out’ finishing a device in a matter of weeks.  Having lied about their nuclear program for years they could do what the North Korean’s did:  dismantle one facility while building another.

How does this end?

If we don’t hit the Iranians, or permit Israel, then we must live with a permanent unfavorable balance of power.

Are we ready for that?

Are we?

I say this:  cut the head off the Iranian regime.  Its time for Israel & the Americans to take the fight to the Iranian Mullah’s.  Anything short of that is SUICIDE.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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