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The Afghan Withdrawal: A Receding American Imperium

Dr. David Petraeus isn’t the sole authority or executor for the “Iraqi Surge”, Fredrick W. Kagan at the American Enterprise Institute had a major share in the restoration of the American threat deterrent by strengthening the application of policy oversight. … Continue reading

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Nixon, Kissinger & the forgotten genocide

With Bangladesh in the news, its a good time to get caught up on the chaos of an emerging Democracy developing within militant confessional identities. Make no mistake, if a nuclear exchange is to occur it will be between India … Continue reading

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Slowing Healthcare Inflation

When the gnomes residing at the bottom of any bureaucracy decide to write Op-Ed’s opining to validate policy, you know its politically motivated wishful thinking not sound economic analysis. Jason Furman is one such type.  Although he’s been ‘failing-up’ for … Continue reading

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Harry Reid & the Imperial Presidency

Total control of the U.S. Senate by Harry Reid remains essential.  Why?  Because its the only way this President can control both Congress & the country unilaterally.  Without Reid’s absolute control of the Senate, the President’s executive orders, appointments of … Continue reading

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Income Inequality & GOP Initiative

Secular stagnation is deliberate obfuscation.  It locates any “difficulty” within the business cycle itself, absolving the very policy makers from having to admit failure.  It didn’t work for the Mayans, it will not work for progressives. Being reluctant to admit … Continue reading

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Getting Govmint to work: the agenda

The nauseating retort regarding American institutional leaders at the Executive & the Fed’s inability to ‘stimulate’ growth isn’t news to monetarists.  I’ve written at length in this blog of the intemperate ideologues incessant misplaced belief in the power of technocracy. … Continue reading

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