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International Political Economy: The Vortex of Geography, History, Ideology, Statecraft & Money

It’s more than a bit frustrating to watch all these professionals ‘failing upward‘.  But I suppose no one of any true measure should expect success from those that haven’t put time into mastering a synoptic approach.  An approach that views … Continue reading

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The Ineptitude of our Political Masters

Fast track trade authority will go nowhere.  Why?  Because as the WSJ has editorialized some months ago, we’ve got the most unpolitical president EVER.  Look, here’s a brief tutorial for anyone aspiring to become an executive:  when you possess political … Continue reading

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“Its Our Currency: Its YOUR Problem!”

John Connolly hasn’t helped the credibility of any U.S. Treasury Secretary since his comments recorded unprofessional duplicity effectively goading Arab OPEC to launch its ‘oil-shock’ that became official Saudi policy after the Israeli victory of ’73. The incipient currency crisis … Continue reading

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