The Ineptitude of our Political Masters

Fast track trade authority will go nowhere.  Why?  Because as the WSJ has editorialized some months ago, we’ve got the most unpolitical president EVER.  Look, here’s a brief tutorial for anyone aspiring to become an executive:  when you possess political capital, you lose it if you don’t use it.  Translation:  if you sit on your ass you go nowhere!

Welcome to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

When your own party and political rivals see you politicking, they instinctually know that power flows most often in a concentric vortex.  Find out/discover how to ‘get on board‘ or  find yourself amiss.

Washington’s political class embodies pure ineptitude, especially for team Obama.  It’s my guess that his party is intellectually exhausted.  They have gained absolutely no traction on any policy issue!!  None.   And numerous threats are emerging.  We’ve got no real allies.  And the President is isolated.  See where this is going. . . .

Don’t look to the medium of TV for any guidance.  Just know this:  Damascus, Beijing, Tehran, hasn’t missed any of it.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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