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Korean Wisdom: Central Bank & Strong Won

Central Banks throughout the world are devaluing to adjust the intrinsic demands that come with current account payments.  With capital outflows hemorrhaging most Central Banks have used various legal instruments to contain unsustainable hemorrhaging. Except for Seoul, South Korea. Why … Continue reading

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Nuclear Strategy: History

The recent publication by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board revealing that we’re entering a second nuclear age is difficult news to hear given the non-performance of our Executive. The history of nuclear brinkmanship is simple to understand:  the history of … Continue reading

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Liberty: John Stuart Mill

“Liberty, as a principle, has no application to any state of things anterior to the time when mankind have become capable of being improved by free and equal discussion.  Until then, there is nothing for them but implicit obedience to … Continue reading

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The 1%’ers

Dr. James Piereson at the Manhattan Institute has lambasted the rhetoric animating the convictions of team Obama’s ‘income inequality’ slogan that is to be used among progressives to shield them from the non-performance that is Obama’s Presidency. Let’s get a … Continue reading

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