Why We Have The World’s Poor

I cannot turn this entry into a disputation of diverging cultural achievements between Islam and Christendom.  I would need to begin with the glaring philosophical achievement of the Church Fathers as they grappled with the Christological heresy known as Arius, specifically the wests ontological, epistemological success in countering nominalist tendencies intrinsic to the Semitic mind/culture.  The west’s achievement in coupling a cosmology to ethics in the unique discovery that became humanness was and remains unqualified in Islam.  To engage this topic without preparing readers for difficult terrain would only enrage those who may very well like the Church and the distinct achievements that Islam rendered to the west in the Middle Ages.

Instead, why do regions of the world have the poor?

Why did the achievement of property rights as the distinct cultural repository permitting empirical western achievement out pace the civilizations of the east?

The answer is found when you discern the impact of the specificity of christian ethics.

In other words, by not permitting social, political institutions the very ability to discover, discern, possess and transmit ACHIEVED CAPITAL is why we have the poor.

I’ve spent time in Africa.  I’ve noticed the differences between nation states and cultures that had contact with an emergent mercantile Anglo Enlightenment.

Why do we have regions of poor?

Answer:  The poor live in nation states/regions of the world that are lawless tribal societies, that do not permit nor allow the discovery, acquisition, maintenance, transmission of capital.  The source of this conflict is the repression of emerging capital intrinsic to meaningful labor.

Here’s the good news?

Digital technology is coupling the very social, political and institutional bonds that were severed by the Anglo Enlightenment which always saw a division between labor and capital.  Digital technology unites what Marx torn asunder.

Watch African nation states and numerous others emerge from a tribal night, welcoming the unity denied them for centuries.

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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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