GOP: Autopsy. . .

Now the CPAC is over its time for an assessment of where/what the GOP is?  Identity development is significant, for no institution can surmount challenges without sufficient formation of an articulated self understanding.  Florida’s recent Congressional win favoring the GOP need not introduce opacity, however, the consultant class never had the imperatives that make strong conservatives win. Why?  Because paid punditry matters not governance.

As WSJ Daniel Henninger recently wrote in his column ‘Republican Roulette’, the parading of past Presidential candidates isn’t helpful either.  Why?  Because, such people are political free agents for whom the party is largely a legal necessity only.

Did we forget that politics and its glamorized free agency are nothing more than high rollers running “arcane strategies to fill auditoriums.”  Sad isn’t it, especially given the gravity of our problems.

None of these candidates ever make the sale.

Why is that?  My gut tells me most of it rests on failure of articulation and execution of message.  Any future Republican message must be connected to something real.  Have we forgotten that Johnson’s Entitlement State was politicked.  The arduous labor needed to punch through contemporary narcosis is missing.

In a sentence:  creating and sustaining an idea of critical mass to govern must define today’s GOP.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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