The Carnage of Peace: Hamas vs. Israel

The kidnapping and torture of three Israeli teens in Hebron by Hamas and its regional allies ushers in a much needed strategic, moral contrast between an uber-utopian U.S. policy and the Machiavellian realists of Iran and its proxies.  The sad part is no one at State sees this for what it is:  an Israeli recognition that the peace process is irrevocably broken.

The mother of the 16 year old Naftali Fraenkel from Brooklyn says it all:  “Rest in Peace, my child.  We will learn to sing without you.”

The regions lone democracy is alone as it grapples with Iranian proxies.  America continues its retreat while State mingles forward, only in liberal democracies can we find entire bureaucratic fiefdoms commited to illiberal acts of wanton violence.

Syria is being carved up along with Iraq, Jordan’s borders are already porous from terrorist incursions; Pakistan’s proxies continue to act unabated.

Hamas knows whose responsible for this cold blooded murder:  Marwan Kawasama & Amar Abu Issa, both members of the Kassam Brigades of Hamas.

Anarchy has risen in a land once tamed by the Pax Americana.

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