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I’ve always enjoyed listening to Daniel Henninger from the Wall St. Journal, a protege of Robert Bartley, he’s a familiar voice on John Batchelor’s NYC late night talk radio show.  His latest editorial is titled ‘Obama to World:  Drop Dead’.

The main theme throughout the essay is that adults used to run the White House.  Not anymore.  And if people want to strengthen their conviction for why they can’t trust progressives concerning foreign policy, they only need to read Henninger’s editorial.

It’s depression to read to truth that team Obama isn’t concerned about American global interests.  Henninger wrote “this being the 100 anniversary of 1914 WWI, more then a few people are wandering in and out of commemorative WWI events, their heads swimming with Yeat’s ‘mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Last Sunday, Henninger reported that Bosnian Muslims burned 284 buried bodies from recently discovered graves.  This only steps away from where the 1914 cauldron occurred.

No wonder the world is coming un-hinged.

While Europe wages war on Microsoft, Intel & Google, a real Satanic presence is engulfing entire regions.  How do we explain to anyone who asks that Obama can run the country and a troubled world out of his back pocket while he flies from fundraiser to fundraiser?”  The truth is difficult for many to believe, but Barack Obama “is the most provincial U.S. President in at least a century.  The progressive democrats who displaced the Clinton machine have come to power with no interest beyond consolidating political, electoral power inside the U.S.  Not even Lyndon Johnson, the ultimate pol was so purely politicized.” 

Henninger revealed a startling observation.  Why the fundraising??

Answer:  the frantic effort to protect this new Democratic machine needs constant financial and psychological assistance.  A mortal weakness that can come unhinged too.

Damn the man.

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