The War on Christianity: Mosul, ISIS & a Lame West

The reason why no one reports on the purge of Christians from Mosul (Iraq) is because the secular world has long harbored hatred for Orthodox Christians.  Now just image if roles were reversed and fundamentalist Christians sough to purge Islam.  I think you get the idea.  Mosul is hemorrhaging, but no one really cares.

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is forcibly driving all Christians from Mosul. They’ve lived there for 2,000 years.  Remember how Islam refers to ‘holy cities’?  Remember the rhetoric of ecumenism and theologic/cultural affinity between Islam & Christendom?  The wars of the Middle Ages have returned, and Iraq is the new battleground.

Christians in Mosul were given a choice, either convert or be killed.  Most left immediately.  As they left the city, they were robbed and pillaged.  The barbarism of violent bigotry has found a home in Islam, only the U.S. can reverse this trend from emerging into a Caliphate.  Are we secure enough in our convictions to name an evil when we witness it?  Today’s religious extremism is really entirely Islamic, just look at the Coptic’s in Egypt or all across Africa.  Muslims have an obligation to denounce and resist the extremists who murder or subjugate in the name of Allah.

As for those living in a post-Christian west, we should remember that a culture or government that fails to protect its interests will eventually find that it lacks the self belief to protect itself.

Where are the Imams living in the West who will speak up???


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