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Iraq: The Battle Plan

If I had the ear of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this is what I would reveal about what’s favorable to any U.S. incursion in Mesopotamia. 1.  Iraq’s fragile democratic institutions have really proved quite resilient given its history and … Continue reading

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The Post Maliki Iraq Strategy

The entire White House Press Corp hyped the execution of U.S. journalist Foley to the detriment of American foreign policy as witnessed in team Obama’s latest excursion to limit the demands of the press in shaping policy outcomes.  Yesterday’s press … Continue reading

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An Israeli Victory: Un-finished Business

Everyone knows how Clauswitz viewed war as politics by ‘other means’.  He understood that war must have political objectives.  The Israeli’s are used to being in a state of near permanent war.  The defeat of Hamas permits Jerusalem time to … Continue reading

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Israel: New Diplomatic Minefield w/o U.S. Ally

News reports are leaking that Petro Monarchies are putting together another Gaza flotilla to embarass the Israeili’s is building.  This isn’t good news for Israel’s main political ally, the U.S. continues to send broad public messages of its distain for … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve: Out of Ammo, AGAIN.

Myths die hard in America.  So it goes with the idea of the ‘Phillips Curve’ and the belief that an institution can control both labor market activity and inflation simultaneously.  Even though Reagan & Volcker killed this ideological behemoth, the … Continue reading

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Fallacy of Western Collectivism & Moral Superiority

The west’s moral crisis is similar to Islam’s.  Both need to re-discover the role of reason.  Secular fanaticism is just as real as theological fanaticism.  Remember the definition of a fanatic?  Its someone who refuses to distinguish between ends & … Continue reading

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Emir Muawwyyah bin Ismail: Exiled Leader of Yazidi Speaks

Typical of our nominalist POTUS (President of the U.S.), words make reality.  Evidenced by recent U.S. bombing of jihadi positions between the northern Iraqi cities of Mosul & Erbil, indigenous Yazidis are no longer harmed by ISIS.  By removing the … Continue reading

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Are American Jews Leaving the Democratic Party?

Given the openly hostile treatment the Obama administration continues to give Israel, maybe its time for devoted American Israeli’s to have their ‘Reagan Moment’.   Remember when Reagan said, ‘I didn’t leave the Democratic Party.  The Party left me.”   … Continue reading

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Shinzo Abe: The Failure of Japan’s Ruling Class

The American political economy isn’t doing much better either.  At least we’ve got multiple industries devoted to intellectual patrimony that brought us the ‘Reagan Revolution’.  That much cannot be said of Japan’s ruling elite nor Shinzo Abe’s reforms.  The complete … Continue reading

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Iraq 3: The Return of the Repressed

Regardless of the rhetoric animating the relaxed posture of team Obama, we are at war again in Iraq for the third time in 25 years.  Maybe this time, he’ll finish the job! Least we forget, he was handed a ‘win’ … Continue reading

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