Hamas & the Kerry Debacle

Why did Hamas launch rockets?

Because it sought to end its isolation.

Geographically, Egypt’s al-Sisi closed down its east/west corridor to Gaza, leaving only the Gulf of Arden as a the sole viable transport for any Shia, Iranian proxy in Gaza.  Unfortunately, the Philadelphia route was strengthened along its north/south axis as the Iranians used the African Horn and Sudan as Tehran’s remanding pathway.  Being cut off, Hamas sought to end its isolation, so it launched rockets after murdering Israeli teens.

What Kerry can’t fathom is how Hamas’ leadership don’t live on the ground in Gaza, they’ve taken a page from Machiavelli to keep its leadership viable, it has developed resources in posh hotels in Qatari.  It has also sought to end Iron Dome dominance by launching inside Israel proper.  Nevertheless, Iron Dome has protected Israeli assets while giving Israel’s political class time.

Those familiar to the dangerous farce that has become of the ‘peace process’ know what comes next:  ‘the international community‘ will seek that Israel show restraint, act proportionally and give concessions.

Let’s face it, the ‘Peace Process’ is over.

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