Russia: Why Worry?

Vladimir Putin’s first major expression for power politics was to lay waste to the Georgian city of Grozny.  Next he criminalized its domestic political economy by jailing all domestic opponents beginning with Andrey Vyshinsky.  He then proceeded to blow-up its indigenous national gas economy, effectively making Grozny a Russian supplicant.

Immediately after that he joined the French/German relation to keep Saddam Hussein in power by strengthening all opposition to George Bush.

Remember, Putin called the collapse of the Soviet Union the ‘greatest’ geopolitical catastrophe ever!

Remember the murders of Anna Politkovskaya, then Alexander Litvineko via polonium.  We shouldn’t forget Sergei Magnitsky, Alex Navalny or the soon to be dead Ed Snowden.

A few months later Putin was off hitting Estonia with a massive cyber attack.

Had enough!  We didn’t even get to the annexation of Crimea (Yalta) or the invasion of Eastern Ukraine, never mind the shooting down on Malaysian Airlines flight 17 with its 298 passengers blown out of the sky at 40,000 feet.

How do you reset that?

Geo-political insights long known about the indigenous Russian political economy reveal a need for Russian leaders to continually carve out spheres of influence for an incorrigibly anti-democratic leadership.

Let’s admit it, U.S. Russian relations are at an all time low.

How did we get here?

Team Obama’s desire for a cautious less unilateral policy never turned Russian into a compliant team player.  It only facilitated Russian obstructionism.

Can anyone at The White House understand how U.S. administrative efforts to down-play events throughout eastern Ukraine contributed to a permissive environment favorable to Putin?

It isn’t just hubris, or political shortsightedness.  Its amateur hour at ‘The White House.’

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