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If Macro-Economics Is So Great, Why Don’t We Prosper?

Recently the WSJ editorial page had a letter to the editor from a devoted reader in La Jolla, California.  He asked a pointed question, you know the type, the dangerous inquiry that excoriates the philosophical foundation of Keynesian thought. The … Continue reading

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Israeli Strategy: Gaza

The Israeli effort to defeat a terrorist (Hamas) enclave in Gaza is a piece of an arch that until now has been out of Israeli reach.  Destroying Hamas’ underground infrastructure, isolating it diplomatically while hunting down numerous Iranian proxies that … Continue reading

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Unemployment & Federal Reserve

It’s a shame the Federal Reserve still uses an ideological template (Phillips curve) to arrogate to itself a power that was discarded by Volcker and Reagan.  What both men proved was that there really NEVER was a trade off between … Continue reading

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