Israel: New Diplomatic Minefield w/o U.S. Ally

News reports are leaking that Petro Monarchies are putting together another Gaza flotilla to embarass the Israeili’s is building.  This isn’t good news for Israel’s main political ally, the U.S. continues to send broad public messages of its distain for Israel.  All signs point to an impending diplomatic catastrophe.  

The minefield that could envelop Israel has two components, one tactical, another ideological. 

Hamas wants to open the Rafah crossing into Egypt.  This is Gaza’s connection to the Arab world.  It has been shut by Gen. Abdel Fatah al Sisi who seeks the destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas.  

The pretext for the opening of Rafah is ‘development’!  Try not to laugh, its true.  Hamas is seeking humanitarian commodities like cement to solidify its control and rebuild.  The I.D.F’s chief of staff, Lt. Gen.  Benny Ganz continues to provide Gazan citizens with material support.  

Hamas was formally defeated by the Israeli’s.  Nearly 60% of Hamas’ rockets were destroyed, most of its tunnels and formal combat infantry decimated.  However, Israel may well find itself surrounded as Daesh threatens to add Lebanon, Libya, Somalia & Yemen.  Europe has already been peeled off by Iranian agitation.  Geopolitically, the Israeli neighborhood is deteriorating. 

It is my firm belief that the Israeli Navy can counter and interdict the imminent tactical advance of another flotilla.  

How should the Israeli’s go forward:  disarm the beligerents by force, prevent them from rearming and split off Arab citizens seeking a better life. 

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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