An Israeli Victory: Un-finished Business

Everyone knows how Clauswitz viewed war as politics by ‘other means’.  He understood that war must have political objectives.  The Israeli’s are used to being in a state of near permanent war.  The defeat of Hamas permits Jerusalem time to view its positioning synoptically among emerging geopolitical threats.

While ISIS emerges throughout Syria, Iraq, it’s reach is beginning to be felt in northern Israel and Jordan.  Even with nearly 60% of Hamas’ rockets destroyed, Israel moved forward to assassinate its number 2 and 3rd in command, Mohammed Deif along with Izz ad-Din al Qassam Brigades.  Both are now gone.  Even the destruction of Gaza’s war infrastructure created nearly 100,000 homeless and blocks of destruction.  Hamas’ own people know that responsibility lays with Hamas.  It agreed to identical terms proposed by Israel on July 15.  Hamas has lost both its prestige, its weaponry and its tactical advantages.

Here’s the bad news.  The Israeli Prime Minister’s poll numbers are down to 38%, this is dangerous in a Parliamentary system.  Team Obama seeks to constrain and humiliate Israel.  It is isolated, but for the American citizen!

Israel’s only advantage in having hurt, degraded Hamas is that it exposed team Obama to wage a diplomatic public relations campaign that HE LOST!  By exposing Obama as anti-Israeli, Netanyahu permitted Israel’s only advantage to proceed un-interrupted:  The American Citizen.

Team Obama must now wage anti-Israeli diplomatic initiatives isolated from the American citizen.  He’s exposed now, with mounting crisis’ from Beijing to Baghdad.

My monies on Israel backed by the American citizen.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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