The Post Maliki Iraq Strategy

The entire White House Press Corp hyped the execution of U.S. journalist Foley to the detriment of American foreign policy as witnessed in team Obama’s latest excursion to limit the demands of the press in shaping policy outcomes.  Yesterday’s press conference revealed a president at odds with his main cheerleading squad, the U.S. White House Press Corp.  

Asked about U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS emerging throughout the Levant and Mesopotamia, he demurred to soft-pedaling any intervention.  Simply put, team Obama has no strategy and is bereft of having to lead.  

Instead of squeezing Assad (an Iranian proxy) and formally annexing Baghdad effectively fixing U.S. strategic posture throughout the Near East; we’re naval-gazing. 

Others more self-reliant and forceful will shape the ground for an imminent future.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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