Iranian, Russian, Chinese Encirclement of US Interests in Latin America

Interview with Dr. Robert Ellis, US Army War College discusses Iranian, Chinese Encirclement of US Interests throughout Latin America.  Interview topically arranged with resources for further study.

Topics included in interview:  Chinese foreign policy in Latin America,  US Continental Strategy, limits of the revolution in military affairs, Mexican monetarist reform application of Spykman’s ‘unified American Caribbean‘ pushing reform south throughout Latin America, Iranian Encirclement of US interests in Latin America, The Historic Sources for Chinese Vulnerability, the management of China’s rise through adroit application of monetary, fiscal, currency related issues & Russian interests throughout Latin America.

Interview topically arranged with resources.

The Historic Sources of Chinese Vulnerability aren’t just geopolitical, they are intellectual, even moral!!  For China to rise to FIRST WORLD NATION STATUS IT MUST FAVORABLE CONFRONT & RESOLVE THE POLITICAL CHALLENGES OF:  YUAN FLOATING, BOND MARKET DEVELOPMENT & ITS ATTENDANT POLITICAL CHALLENGES, INDIGENOUS MONETARY POLICY, NON-STERIALIZATION OF CAPITAL FLOWS.  Let’s begin there.   Please see interview.

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