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Getting Growth, Then Wages: Sequencing Policy Matters

The cacophony of half truths never relent, this is especially true for the discipline of economics.  The adults that make up the White House Press Corps., journalism and hosts of other digital media never seem to get around to acknowledging … Continue reading

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French War Plan: The Soft Underbelly of Africa. . .

If the French ever get serious about counterterrorism they should seek to capture or kill the Islamic leadership ravaging throughout French Africa.  Indigenous French resources aren’t readily at hand, however, the reach of Paris by proxy is advantageous. Chad began … Continue reading

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Yemen Falls: Iran Wins

The emergence of Yemen as a failed state is real.  The U.S. closed its embassy yesterday while ethnic, ideological strife has engulfed the Arabian southern tier.  This comes on the heels of the death of the Saudi monarch several days … Continue reading

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The French & Charismatic Jihad

It isn’t difficult to explain the origin of France’s recent terrorist incident, the slaughter of innocent civilians at a paper devoted to satire.  What is new, is the emergence of native jihadi cells acting independently of foreign organizations.  This new … Continue reading

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Boko Haram, Nigeria & A Flailing West

AFRICOM is Stuttgart Germany has its hands full given the challenge of managing Boko Haram with insufficient political stability throughout Nigeria, not to mention falling oil prices threatening the entire Nigerian political class.  Entire nation states, especially those with un-diversified … Continue reading

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Solzhenitsyn’s Heir Dies

Deep in the annals of Solzhenitsyn’s writings was the abiding conviction that the Russian Orthodox Church was responsible for the success of Soviet Marxism.  Its unhistorical liturgies, lovely as they are, imported no historical analogues from which to convey moral … Continue reading

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