The French & Charismatic Jihad

It isn’t difficult to explain the origin of France’s recent terrorist incident, the slaughter of innocent civilians at a paper devoted to satire.  What is new, is the emergence of native jihadi cells acting independently of foreign organizations.  This new threat is part of Iran’s policy to encircle the west from within, any brief look at European demography shows why the French should worry.

Former C.I.A. officials throughout the west have pointed that the French counter-terror division remains the finest in Europe.  Jean-Louis Bruguiere (head of France’s Internal Security) remained cautiously pessimistic about autonomous or indigenous French Jihadi’s acting independently of foreign governments or organizations.  That world view may have ended with our most recent threat signaling that French authorities are intent on setting a example of deterrence.  My view is more circumspect:  if the French authorities ignore the political motivation animating the convictions of this new charismatic Jihad, they will be setting themselves up for slaughter again!!  Let’s explain.

If the French cannot or will not show immediate deterrent force, other nation states throughout the west, dependent on French intelligence will fold.  Period.  Islamic radicals throughout western Europe monitor the pace of Paris’ counter-terror division (DCRI), if Paris doesn’t check the advance of Islamic extremism, IT will explode across western Europe quickly.  Ditto for the U.S. which is dependent on monitoring communication signals between various European capitals.

The American Retreat Agenda throughout the Near East has solicited enormous charisma into Jihadi fundamentalism. But it can only be seen/felt in western cities where such political, social freedom is taken for granted.  As Fouad Ajami wrote, the nourishment of grievance is a staple product enamoring a new radical vision of Jihadi fundamentalism, it flourishes in political economies that sustain massive welfare states.

What can we take away from this engagement?  Its really quite simple:  European radicalized Muslims feel encouraged to dictate the terms of European expression of Islam.

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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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