The Murder of Alberto Nisman: The Slaughter of Innocents Continues

When investigators are up against a wall, when all leads fail to show causation, then they begin to ask direct forensic questions in an attempt to square a circle.  That square has now come full circle.  There is only one way to answer a direct question regarding the death of Alberto Nisman.  Who would benefit from his murder?  Answer:  the Iranians.

As a prosecutor, Alberto Nisman has years of recorded wiretaps demonstrating criminal collusion between Iranian agents (Hezbollah) and the Kirchner government.  The Argentinian government wanted cheap oil, gas from Iran; the Iranians want a meddling prosecutor dead!

This entire case began in 1994 when Iranian agents abroad bombed Buenos Aries Jewish Community killing scores of Jews.  Nisman’s objective was never to bring down the President of Argentina, it was to extradite Iranian agents to face trial.

The Iranians are winning throughout the west.  Who will stop the satanic mullah’s?

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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1 Response to The Murder of Alberto Nisman: The Slaughter of Innocents Continues

  1. gk68 says:

    This Iranian murder should have halted any talks with any nation. Period!!!!

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