Tyrannic Impulse in Gallic Thought Comes Home: A Militant Welfare State Meets Charismatic Jihad

If Solzhenitsyn and Arthur Koestler defeated the French left, who will France summon to confront the indigenous jihadi’s that thrive throughout France?  The question isn’t even contemplated, for France, like so much of Europe today, has turned inward and cannot be summoned to defend itself.  This will end badly.

The left cannot seem to untether itself from the intellectual contortions of idealism.  This remains a perennial problem for Gallic thought, as evidenced in last nights brutal coordinated assault that has left over 150 French citizens dead.  No marching, nor hand wringing will testify to the reversal needed IF the French are to counter what has already engulfed them.

The propaganda of ‘the deed‘ remains a potent political tactic for jihadi’s throughout western Europe.  We must anticipate that last nights terror was in fact the embodiment of political jihad.  Those old enough to remember can surmise that the jihadi war against France really is decades old, as is French strategic perfidy regarding its relation to the Atlantic alliance via Khomeini, Arafat and numerous others.

Regarding policy.  What is to be done?  Hollande can begin with preventive detentions and rendition back to north Africa.  We should remember that France possesses the absolute finest counter-terror divisions in Europe; and what of its political class?

Having the west ‘lead from behind’ permits the enemy collective surprise; our own policy/strategic failure will breed more such incidents.  That Mediterranean Muslim lake has yet to open its bowels to sway the indigenous throughout Europe.  It will come.  The heartland of Islam is already aflame and moving westward, as is Tehran.  Turkey, Sinai, Continental Africa, Mesopotamia and Persia are on the move.  Kurdish Sinjar and the recent death of ‘Jihadi John’ can’t weigh in the balance against the geopolitical, ideological tsunami awaiting the west.

Take no comfort.  This war has a very long pedigree.  And the West isn’t ready.

Ou est notre Soljenitsyne



About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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