Assad, Oil & ISIS

Robert Bartley’s boys have done it again: the unrelenting lament over the atrocities of the Gulf Monarchies proxy, namely ‘The Islamic State (ISIS)’ reveals a stunning lack of strategic acumen, for who else will meet the Iranian onslaught moving west from Tehran.  The rising Shia crescent enveloping both Israel and Saudi Arabia isn’t news.  What is news are the latest names released by U.S. Treasury Department regarding Russian proxies used to facilitate Assad’s purchase of oil from the very Islamic State he’s supposed to be fighting.

Let’s settle on who’s fighting who.

Assad continues to battle any/all Syrian miscreants internally.  This means he’s abandoned the fight against ISIS, leaving his ally Russia to do Iran’s regional bidding.

Assad’s complicity with the Islamic State was revealed last week, when Treasury publicly cited the names of two prominent Russians acting as intermediaries for Assad’s purchase of oil, from the Islamic State!  The former president of Russia’s World Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was named along with George Hasani, a Syrian businessman responsible for oil transactions.

This confirms what knowledgable analysts have suggested in characterizing the Russian regime as a criminal oligarchy.

Remember Hobbes, conflict is war of all, against all.



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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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