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Trump: The Bludgeoned NY Avatar


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Cameron & the Brexit


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Solzhenitsyn & Limits of Positivism

“A significant and perhaps irreversible process I believe, threatens to advance substantially in the twenty-first century is humanities hazardous crossing from a natural existence into a technosphere. Technical progress, which for centuries grew by devouring nature, now proceeds at the … Continue reading

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The Afghan Modern Nation State: Prospectus

Ever since The Great Game ended, Afghan politics has been dominated by an internal struggle between rival ethnic factions in an attempt to create the social, political and institutional trappings of a nation state.  That writ has always been elusive; given … Continue reading

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Paul Tillich: Faith, Belief & Knowledge

“The most ordinary misinterpretation of faith is to consider it an act of knowledge that has a low degree of evidence. . . If this meant, one is speaking of belief rather than faith. . . Almost all the struggles … Continue reading

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Reflections on Sacrifice

“Sometimes truth comes riding into history on the back of an error.”  Reinhold Niebuhr From Aristotle we can learn how to unleash our wonderment upon life; to cherish all the understanding yet achieved by man. . . From Voltaire we can learn how to … Continue reading

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Human Capital & The Challenge of OUR Time

Abraham Maslow spent his life discerning interior trends that motivate the human person toward a unity not seen in other mammals; a unity of personality, toward spontaneous expressiveness, toward full responsibility, toward full individuality; an unrepeatable identity. Of seeing truth … Continue reading

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