Solzhenitsyn & Limits of Positivism

A significant and perhaps irreversible process I believe, threatens to advance substantially in the twenty-first century is humanities hazardous crossing from a natural existence into a technosphere. Technical progress, which for centuries grew by devouring nature, now proceeds at the expense of culture and man himself. Having always in the past been a participant, or even a maker of history, man is today furiously swept along by technical progress, whose stormy successes are contributing to a numbing of the person. Our capacity for concentration and deep inner contemplation, which we are already forfeiting, is being overwhelmed by a tidal wave of inordinate superficial information. This avalanche leaves less and less room for spirituality, so that many have lost it altogether; less and less room for love not confined to sexual attraction alone. More and more, man is being transformed from a cultural historical type to a technogenic type. This deep seated shift threatens humanity with the loss of its very self.”

Helen Alvare has the solution, in a return to sacramental life.  She revealed the following recently, “At the end of the second millennium of Christianity, it is impossible to ignore a sea change in the way human beings understand life.  They no longer see it as always in relation to God.”

Fixing that relation is the purpose of liturgical life itself.  Sunday’s coming. . .



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