Self-deceiving Mullah’s

It is terribly difficult for any American to understand the level of institutional opacity that underwrites Iranian leadership.  Being an open society, we blindly trust what we openly see.  It was never that way with Iran.  Hence the reality that Mullah Khamenei has openly revolted from the recent U.S. covenant.  The truth is Iranian leadership isn’t prepared to deal openly with any U.S. initiative, recently evidenced in an enormous fine of $9 billion level on BNP-Paribas bank (and SWIFT) in 2014 for transactions linked to sanctioned Revolutionary Guards (RGC).  The American regime at Treasury still sanctions those that do business in helping Iran get U.S. dollars (the reserve of all international transaction).

Looked at from an Iranian point of view, the entire U.S. led deal looks like a ‘set-up’.  Iranian central bank governor Valliollah Seif was recently quoted as saying “how come they didn’t negotiate the process of financial reintegration. . . ”  Its an innocent question, but Mullah Khamenei and his RGC have always been known as international terrorists.  The U.S. administration hasn’t relinquished that reality. . . yet.

Moving through the Beyt-E-Rahbar, the supreme leaders headquarters, we see the command and control center for Iranian armed forces, the 128k RGC, networks of spies and vast state owned firms, not to mention media and elected bodies.  All of it waiting for foreign direct investment (FDI) promised upon signing the U.S. led covenant.

Nothing has arrived.

And why is that. . . ?

Because the rest of the world isn’t tethered to Obama’s fantasy that an extended hand of active diplomacy is an adequate substitute for regime change.

As Robert J. Lifton wrote in his 1961 magisterial masterpiece Thought Reform & the Psychology of Totalism, active perpetrators of deception are engulfed in the very perfidy they engender.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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