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The New Mayhem: Low Interest Rates & Rigged Soaring Capital Markets

The exit of England from the European Union will take months if not years to complete, however, any look of indices reveals a staggering confidence born from Central Bank accommodative policy, not consumer spending.  This has all the markings of … Continue reading

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Kashmir, Islamabad & New Delhi

I’ve spent a lifetime in pursuit of understanding the intricate geopolitical wiles of the Subcontinent, especially Pakistan.  In short, its not a democracy and it just may well be the perfect challenge for any sitting President, to undertake dealings with … Continue reading

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Nigeria: Famine & Falling Currency

Its really an unprecedented series of geopolitical and domestic challenges for AFRICOM, the U.S. senior combatant commanders charged with monitoring and shaping indigenous counter-terror reform throughout Africa.  Although housed in Stuttgart Germany, they currently reside throughout littoral West Africa striding … Continue reading

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India’s Fragile Democracy: Indebted Tycoons & Trumps

Teachers unions throughout the United States and indebted unions with enormous unfunded liabilities tried using Conservative arguments favoring States Rights to avoid having to recognize the supremacy of federal law regarding bankruptcy proceedings.  The Constitution spoke of the supremacy of federal law … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s Home Run @Dispatch Box

This week saw the resurgence of two significant components of political life on display when England’s new Prime Minister approached the Dispatch Box for question time:  rhetoric and applied effort. Although our founders knew the fragility of Parliaments, having chosen a … Continue reading

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Our Political Problems Are Moral

When Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (pen name Leon Trotsky) wrote about homo Soveiticus, the new breed of man born under the pall of terror; a subject of tyrannical social engineering by the State, he was referencing a utopian conviction that contemporary capitalist states now … Continue reading

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Turkey @The-Crossroads

Last weekends failed coup is testimony to a dire freneticism that splits entire social classes throughout Islamic civilization, for even Republics are beholden to ideals easily exploited. This is now on display throughout Turkey in its coup recovery.  How Erdogan’s … Continue reading

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Obama’s Tutorial on Russian Aggression

While team Obama resides in Poland fortifying NATO resolve, it would help if his executive team embraced realism.  It won’t happen, but we need a brief outline explaining Putin’s aggressive posture throughout the Mediterranean and Baltic region.  The Russian leaders … Continue reading

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A Keynesian Trips A Monetarist. . .

The single most disturbing component of our non-recovery throughout every first world economy is the stagnation of broad money.  Its only real historical corollary is Arthur Burns and stagflation, but even then its a tenuous example.  Talk to any professional … Continue reading

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A Racket Called Central Banking

Marx and Keynes weren’t the first to recognize the relationship between money and labor, although they remain the most prominent faces among macro-literati to note the changing value of money relative to time.  Even Ibn Khaldun’s work in the early … Continue reading

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