Theresa May’s Home Run @Dispatch Box

This week saw the resurgence of two significant components of political life on display when England’s new Prime Minister approached the Dispatch Box for question time:  rhetoric and applied effort.

Although our founders knew the fragility of Parliaments, having chosen a regime of Republicanism, they sought to secure its ideological comport through renumeration, hence the Bill of Rights distinctly frames both our Declaration and Constitution.

What was remarkable, was how quickly and competently P.M. May sought to emasculate labor’s embattled leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Politics is a blood sport and English politics has its history of sever recrimination of ministers who badly miscalculate foreign or fiscal policy; yet still, May’s command of issues was formidable.  Margaret Thatcher is back!!

Given how media scrutiny revealed how woefully unprepared her competitor was, Andrea Leadsom abandoned her political ambitions leaving Theresa May that last women standing. Note the irony with her predecessor Cameron :  she publicly campaigned for Remain.

England will now take on the most difficult challenge yet, an amicable divorce from the European Union.  Why is is significant?  With recession already registering, the social, political wrangling from prominent fiscal, monetary and political institutions is bound to be fierce.  Popular anger mixed with hyper-nationalist sentiment via immigration can destroy any gifted politician.  My eyes are on how she wades into and parries growing intractable challenges, for Torries have seized the center ground vacated by Labor.

Labor is currently suffering a civil war, its leader Jeremy Corbyn refuses to step down, needless to say, her ability demonstrated in her opening clashes with opposition labor reveals profound leadership skills.

The divorce proceedings will be characterized by two components:  when to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty governing an exit, and the policy mix detailing immigration.

Watch for May to strongly navigate Tridents nuclear deterrent in Scotland, a prominent location that Putin uses to split the Atlantic alliance while demonstrating some flexibility regarding market based reforms.  As it now stands, May’s Torries resemble U.S. Democrats vocation for economic meddling.  But we should remember, Downing Street never made anyone a liberal.

YouTube British Prime Minister Therese May:  First Time Dispatch Box, Question Time

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