The Real Hunger Games

The U.S. electorate is facing a paradox, its main political parties have outsourced to television networks a political capacity reserved to election commissions, namely the ability to choose candidates for high office.  This is occurring in an age of disruption when previous monolithic institutions served the Republic’s interest, now these press dinosaurs suffer from permanent low ratings, but remain a source for imprimatur’s and genuflection.

Why is this significant?

If the press doesn’t cover a story, it almost doesn’t exist.

Examples are Syria and contemporary Nigerian famine.

The northeast section of the Nigerian interior is suffering from war induced famine.  A section of the country has over 750,000 severely malnourished people.  You wouldn’t know it, because its not covered.

Nigeria isn’t a failed state, it remains Africa’s second largest economy, behind South Africa.  Given its status as a petrol-powerhouse, how best can anyone explain Nigeria’s contemporary famine.

The answer is Boko Haram, or the unintended consequences of benign neglect.

The truth of the matter is this, Nigeria has weak institutions that aren’t susceptible to counter-insurgency doctrine.  Nigeria is internally divided and not open to reconciliation.  This is going to be a very long, hard, difficult moral venture to suture together a nation state permanently divided ethnically, socially, theologically.  For it to succeed, Nigeria will need the fortune of fielding competent commanders and viable statesman.

Full blown famine has arrived.  Where is western leadership?



About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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