The Sons of Perdition, Lenin: Teutonic Spycraft, Calamity & Lurch Towards WWI

The Gotterdammerung ushered in by the cripple of Hyde Park was a longtime coming.  It still reverberates today in German consciousness; even still, the social, political, strategic impact of the reformation upon German consciousness is best studied in the political calculus of Germany’s dominant social-political elite right up to World War I.

No one, absolutely nobody can comprehend Teutonic hindsight without the advantage of two components:  the suicidal mindset of German consciousness from the impact of geography and Weimar.

German self-consciousness is deftly aware of one primordial fear.  Encirclement.  It was the fear of encirclement that drove German calculus in the lead-up to WWI and its replay in WWII.  It is the driving satanic animus of Hitler’s gamble, his mien, the gasping rhetoric and turn of mind.  But it was Weimar’s hyperinflation and its social impact that utterly destroyed Germany from within.  The “stab in the back” trope actually had its etiology in fixed exchange rates; nonetheless, it encapsulates the why and how Germany’s fixation on Jews encapsulated the lark of international socialism.  For German consciousness, the rear toward Moscow beckoned with satanic urgency.  And they answered. . . It reverberates today.

The conspiratorial background of WWI is really legendary.  Kaiser Wilhelm, being overwhelmed with brinkmanship on his western front, sought to soften up Germany’s border with Russia.  It was his thought that German strength lie in a permanently weakened Russia.  His gamble was simple, call upon the sons of perdition to wreck havoc on the last standing bulwark of Christendom.  Find Lenin and we win.

Lenin on the Train tell of how Germanic ruthlessness lead to the creation of the world’s worst totalitarian state:  Mother  Russia and the destruction of Christendom.

Catherine Merridale’s  book combines diplomatic intrigue, spy-craft, bureaucratic bungling, military history, rancid ideology with towering personalities to reveal how that bacillus on a train fomented a lasting turn into the 20th century.

Mining the German Federal Archives proves what Edmond Taylor and Barbara Tuchman knew all along, the source for contemporary militant secularism is discerned with German propensity for division.  A division that openly sought the destruction of Christendom.

Marx and his cohorts had progeny in Lenin and the goal of eliminating monarchy.

It says with us. . . even today.


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