Failure of Democracy

I know we’re a Constitutional Republic.  The Founders knew the limits and dangers idealism had among the great unwashed, so they numerated the Republican political ideals into a Constitution.  Our founding documents should never be viewed in isolation. One cannot really understand the moral tenor of the fight against the Crown unless you read both the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence together.  It is this synoptic viewpoint that’s been lost since the ascendancy of late 19th early 20th century historicism.  It would finally be defeated by Antonin Scalia and Thomist ideals that always had a home in the Church.

Historicism was the appeal that animated John C. Calhoun and Stephen Douglas.  Its origin is discovered in semitic epistemologies denial of interior order, something Aristotle called teleology.  For Plato, the source identity of any particular thing was its relation to the unhistorical world of ideas.  For Aristotle it was a predicate.  Both Calhoun & Douglas denied any interior reality independent of language, for these nominalists believed that language constituted reality.  Both denied that their could be any interior component driving growth independently.  This fallacy underwrites todays progressive ideal that history has a ‘right side‘ independent of morality.  The fallacy perpetuates the dualism that their are two distinct realities, the order of creation and the order of redemption.

It fell to Lincoln to fix this drama with war.  And so the war came. . .

Conservatives are fighting a rear guard action in tackling identical secular claims playing out politically in our culture war.  This should explain why the 2016 election remains so significant.

About a year before his death, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia revealed at an academic conference that under the Obama administration, the American experiment in liberty was failing.  He adamantly said, “its a failed democracy“.  This admonition so frightened the conference host that he immediately asked for a break.  Scalia continued in this vein. . .

We are moving down the road toward judicial supremacy by subjecting everything to litigation in federal court.  It is these extra-legislative transfers of power to the judiciary that disable the workings of the democratic process. 

What do progressive militant secularists want:  they want a social democracy for the purpose of criminalizing political differences, the very sine qua non that destroyed every Republic in history.


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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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