The Wrath of a failed god: Fidel & Utopian Marxist thought

For those old enough to remember, the soft underbelly of the Pax Americana was south America.  As the House of Saud assisted Reagan in the slaughter of Mother Russia on the southern Eurasian heartland of Afghanistan, the Comintern laid plans to bleed the Amerikans on the fields of Central America.

The Soviet push back was brutal, efficient and ruthlessly ideological.  Although the American regime would win, resolving the world’s longest genocide in history in Guatemala, it was El Salvador and Nicaragua where Fidel and his commandant of Marxist legions would seek to even the score.

If ever there was a true Satanic humanist, it was Fidel Castro.

His legacy is best sought in places far away like Congo, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

There were strongmen or caudillos throughout this realm that sought to try their wares on the millet of ideology.  The late Hugo Chavez took his cue from Castro as Morales in Bolivia and hosts of other romantic ideologues seeking refuge from slights imagined or real.  The fact is, Mexico and other Roman Catholic oligarchic command economies were always home to romantic revolutionary Trotskyites.  It really was no different with Fidel and his brothers in arms.

After the demise of Marxism his new benefactors were a different breed; Damascus, Tehran and the long suffering Shia sought a beach head from which to slay the great Satan.  In a sense, this war is already over, but it sustains itself from the cauldron of hatred that breeds life in marginal folk.  If Castro and his henchmen have a coda, it has yet to be written; given the wide range and reach of militant Shia throughout South America, one should expect Fidel to have his coda indeed.

To the innocent life that bled white under the knife blade of this murderous thug, their lives are redeemed in faith.  As for Castro. . . well. . vengeance is mine, says the Lord. . .




About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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