Internal Growth Cost for Defense: Reforming U.S. Military Establishment

Major media isn’t covering it, but Senator John McCain released a document (white paper) on January 18 to effectively bring structure to our antiquated defense department procurement process.  This document and its analysis reveal what the Congressional Budget Office warned last summer, that by 2030 the Defense Department budget will no longer have enough money for bullets.  Your read that right.

Both John McCain and Mac Thornberry of the Armed Services committee have recognized a challenge that must be brought under control, namely the defense departments uncontrollable internal cost growth.  

So yes, sequestration, over-regulation and bureaucracy have damaged war fighting abilities, as have misplaced doctrines and political generals.  All of this was brutally exposed in Mesopotamia, yet the previous president never sought redress.

Until uncontrollable internal cost growth is contained by reforming how defense is structured, chiefly through the dominant use of civilians, then everything from personnel costs, retirement, health care, technology, weapons,  and logistics will remain hampered, destroying readiness, moral and fighting strength.

At current rate, the entire internal cost growth of the Dept. of Defense grows about 7% a year, doubling every decade.  The cost of the F35 helmet is $500,000 dollars annually, and each pilot is issued two!!

What we need is a flat, civilian led conventional and asymmetric force tied to our outstanding market based political-industrial economy, something the Imperialists implicitly understood.

Make way for Huntington’s Clash.

McCain-Thornberry Document



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