Sudan: Genocide Sanctioned by Islam

Their remain three dominant Orthodox Christian trends or constituent components of modernity that Islam cannot reckon with:  the autonomy of reason, the indissolubility of human personhood & teleology.  When the Islamists at Qom or Al-Azhar begin their reckoning, they’ll have to revise what constitutes Islamic personhood, for without confronting the reality that moral law exists independent of any command or authority, they will struggle to reconcile even contemporary Islamic jurisprudence to the demands of both interiority or conscience.  Even though the Koran speaks of equality of man and women de-jure, de-facto the social reality of an egalitarian premise of equality between either races or gender is troublesome.  De-facto Islamic jurisprudence hasn’t reconciled race or gender to a reformed theology of revelation.  Islam covets ethnic violence and it is in Sudan and Africa in particular that it must be openly confronted.

Only two places on the planet serve to give Islam its requisite Reformation, West Africa and America.  East Africa has historically been tied to the social hierarchies of Arabia and Persia, because of this, the regional axis of movement is north bound toward Saudi Arabia.  But from Mozambique to Juba, Equatorial Africa is a social vortex of de-jure Arabic Sunni jurisprudence irreconcilable to modernity.

The face of African Islam in its most virulent species is discerned in South Sudan, where the ideological animus of Salafists have found willing patrons in Tehran.  This isn’t easy to understand, for Riyadh’s regional proxies have several north African Arabic patrons.  Even Ethiopia isn’t innocent.  Even still, with Saudi liberalization efforts apace, this region remains archaic.

If you wanted to solve the ethnically driven violence of South Sudan, you would need to address two things:  Saudi patrons and their ideological fervor and Sunni jurisprudence, especially its positivist trend in denying human personhood to other groups of people.

The violence is between two competing groups, one is Silva Kiir, the president and Riek Machar, the former vice president.  Although typically confined to its northern swampy region, new battlefields are emerging in Uganda and the Congo.  Because the Iranians wish to encircle Israel by dominating the Philadelphia corridor in the Red Sea, money, weapons and communications have found a home in Khartum moving north.  With inflation running an annual rate of 830%, black markets dominate.

Here’s a wild truth that even the Islamists love to hate:  East African Swahili are responsible for dominating the entire Arabian littoral from the Red Sea to the northern heights of New Delhi.  Yes, the African Swahili remain the standard bearers of linking African Islam to India via oceanic trade.  The fact is, Salafists hate with genocidal passion, ethnic African’s and their distinct regional contribution; and if this hatred means war, they sanction it.

The sons of Ishmael are burdened by the ignorant that dominate their ranks.  Let’s hope French West Africa and America remain the last best hope for an Islamic Reformation.



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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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