The Romantic Revolutionary Left: Venezuela

The death of Fidel Castro never brought the reckoning needed for the progressive left in Amerika to reconcile its grand utopian claims to the wretched reality it usually, if not always procures.  Cambodia comes to mind, but it too can be forgiven for Buddhism never sought a moral or ethical premise from which to create a political order.  The weight of its unhistorical trajectory rendered Asia susceptible to Communism.  Perhaps one could fault the Jesuits at Sorbonne for shaping a Pol Pot and others; even David Hume’s turn in erecting and fortifying dogmatic skepticism’s denial of reality began with Pol Pot’s French confrere’s.  The list is long, but even Solzhenitsyn and Arthur Koestler found limits in their admonition; perhaps they just moved on.  The shame is those caught in the wiles of the Romantic Revolutionary left first destroy themselves, then seek to impose this corpse upon others.  It isn’t viewed that way from above nor from the likes of an Antonio Gramsci.  Can a view of Venezuela do the trick?

When George Canning was the reigning British Foreign Secretary, Whitehall held two spots in South America as premier property:  Venezuela & Costa Rica.  Funny how the Spanish sought an identical repose in Argentina, while the Portuguese were mired to Brazil.  Today, Venezuela is a failed state with consequences.

If the mullah’s in Tehran sough favorable geopolitical positioning to encircle the Great Satan, they couldn’t have found better timing than Maduro’s Venezuela.

Having plundered State coffers, even the ruling class was left with poor de-monetization efforts creating, enforcing the mythology that the Bolivarian Revolution has been hijacked by hoarders.  Actually the source of the problem is an un-diversified political economy (think Nigeria) whose monetary base has exploded in parity to indigenous black markets that dominate Venezuelan life.  Sources for Venezuela’s penury are legion, as are the lies told to those responsible for delivering this fate.

Any nation state with completely uncontrolled fiscal spending, inflation at 800%, capital controls, price controls, expropriation of private industry and state looting should expect nothing less.  Just witness an identical reality in blue states throughout the United States, they use capital markets, private property and the rule of law to compete, draw down and destroy civil society:  all in the name of a banner or antidote.

Here’s what we an hope for: an IMF takeover in receivership, a return to Constitutional order, economic reforms and continued mediation by the Vatican.  At the least, the electoral commission responsible for daily management of the State hasn’t floundered.

But the people have lost hope in their redeemer.

Some must relearn what they were initially taught:  first comes hubris, then nemesis.

Maduro to Import $1 Billion in Food, Drugs as Venezuelans March


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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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